Fabric and Supplies

With the aid of these books, patterns and supplies, you will be able to create beautiful, handmade braided rugs.  I'm certain you will enjoy braiding as much as I do, and reap the same satisfaction from this wonderful art.  If you are a beginner, remember that you are teaching your hands to do something they have never done before, so don't get discouraged.  It takes only a little practice and patience to attain beautiful results.

This is a list of products available from the Braided Rug Shop.  Complete the attached order form and mail with payment to:

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    Braided Rug Shop

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Braiding with Barbara/Wool Rug Braiding....with a contemporary flair

   by Barbara A. Fisher and Janet A. Fitzgerald

Step-by-step braiding instructions to learn Barbara's Counted Loop Method for making large or small rugs using either the butted or spiral method. Patterns for small ovals are provided for each method. Complete instructions and patterns included for making Ruggies, the braided slippers which are loved by all!

Cost:  $19.99


Counted Loop Method Patterns 


Specify pattern size when ordering


Cost:  $6.00




Lacing Needles

   2 3/4" blunt end - 2 on a card
Cost:   $1.75




Braidkin Flat Lacing Needle


Cost: $3.50


Lacing Thread

   8 oz. Spools of #9 cotton lockstitch tubular thread - perfect for splicing
   Available in Dark Brown, Cocoa Brown and Black.
Cost:  $19.50


Common Pins

    100ct  ¼” steel pins with large plastic heads.  Perfect for marking increases and decreases
Cost  $2.35


Safety Pins

    These safety pins have nice sharp points. 

    40ct of #2 and 15ct of #3


Cost:  $2.35


Fiskar Scissors

    5" scissors good for snipping those snips!         

Cost:  $ 10.00




Wooden Braiding Stands – Handcrafted  36”H floor stand to hold fabric while braiding.


Cost:  $35.00

Metal Braiding Stand  - Unique braiding stand that allows you to braid anywhere even while riding in a car or sitting in your recliner.  (Wool not included)
Cost:  $50.00
Beginner Kit-Oval All-Butted Mat
       5MC – 7 rows, 10” X 16"
This is a great kit for beginners or those new to the Counted Loop Method.  With this kit and the Braiding with Barbara book you will learn to prepare wool, plan a project, how to braid, how to do The Perfect Butt, how to lace, how to splice the lacing thread, how to do increases and reverse braiding.
Cost $40.00
                           Kit Contents:
                        Pattern with instructions 
                        Lacing Thread
                        Round Lacing Needle
Other Supplies Needed:
Braiding with Barbara~Wool Rug Braiding book
Needle nose pliars
Sewing needle & thread (black & tan)


We sell mainly the flannel weight wool for rug braiding in braiding yards.  A braiding yard is a piece 18" wide and 3 yds. long.  This gives you longer strips to sew together using less seams. 

We have some coat weight wool and some odds and ends that we sell by weight.  For hookers I have a bin of narrow width pieces also sold by weight.  Prices range from $2/lb. for the odds n' ends to $23 per yard for the braiding yards.  The coat weights average around $8 per yard. 

                                              Sample of Odds n' Ends